Andrew Dobbin presenting new material

Are you a cyclist? I was explaining to someone recently that I wasn’t a cyclist. I knew what I meant but the person explained that I was.

The dictionary definition is – a person who rides a bicycle.

According to the dictionary, I am a cyclist. Are you cyclist now as well?

When I said I wasn’t a cyclist I was speaking to a man who rides 20, 30, 40 plus miles each time he goes out. He is also a member of a cycling club. He is definitely a cyclist. But I am still a cyclist although I mightn’t be at his level.

What could I do to improve?

  • Take advice from others – Mentor
  • Join a club
  • Read books
  • What educational video

I want to to keep all this in mind when I ask you the next question.

Andrew are you a salesperson?

Before you say no here is the dictionary definition – a person that sells goods, services etc

We are all salespeople although we may not be as good as others. How would you score yourself as a person between 0-10?

What could I do to improve? Send me a few ideas, please.

Why don’t you try out a few of your own ideas to improve your own sales?