Connect, Collaborate & Create

On Saturday I had the privilege to present some new material to PSA members on Connect, Collaborate & Create. One of the greatest dangers is that in today’s world we may seem to be well connected yet we have little connection.
An anthropologist Robert Dunbar is known for the “Dunbar’s Number”

Dunbar’s number is a suggested cognitive limit to the number of people with whom you can maintain stable social relationships.

Dunbar gave us the Rule of 150.

Social scientists theorize that 150 is the limit of human ability to remember and respond to all relationships that he has with people around him. The human mind seems unable to maintain a large number of distinct relationships.

With that in mind, it is even more important that we have and maintain the right connections.
In order for us to have and to maintain the right connections we need to be communicating and it is a two-way thing.

Think of one very good business contact and schedule a meeting. Spend time getting to know them.