We hear a lot today about the word ZERO. We hear it around the subject of energy and diets. Governments and companies are on a mission to be NET ZERO. We also see ZERO regarding food and drink where there is ZERO SUGAR etc. Zero in these circumstances is seen as a massive positive in society.

In other situations, ZERO could be negative, you wouldn’t have wanted to come home to your parents and tell them that you had scored ZERO.

Take 15 minutes and think about these 3 questions and what you need to do.

  1. What financial goal did you set for 2024?
  2. How many prospects do you need to see this week?
  3. What do I need to do to achieve them?

Imagine you were aiming to reach 2 prospects next week. What are the activities you would need to complete to achieve this? They might be to complete 2 social media posts, attend a networking event this month etc

MINDSET: Imagine you did a +ZERO
Instead of 2 prospects, you do a +ZERO and you now aim to get 20! What would you do differently? This is the power of +ZERO. It challenges us to THINK and ACT differently.

Get your pen and paper and start increasing your targets by +ZERO.