Reach a new level of success
with Andrew Dobbin from
The Business Mindset

Reach a new level of success with Andrew Dobbin from The Business Mindset

Clarity. Focus. Accountability

Image how it would feel to have a clear vision of the life you want. You know what this success looks and feels like, and you have a roadmap that will get you there. Your focus is strong, and because you have a support network of like-minded business owners holding you accountable, you have everything you need to ensure you arrive at your destination. Together, clarity, focus and accountability are the keys to your success.

Andrew Dobin

The Business Mindset Mentor

In 2011, I created The Business Mindset with one clear aim — to help others succeed! To give business owners the tools they need to develop themselves and their business. Because when we experience success, it has a profound impact on the lives of our clients, their families and the wider community. The Business Mindset aims to lift people up so that everyone is rewarded, not only in financial terms but in the success of others.

Why am I qualified to do this? With the wealth of experience I’ve gained throughout my working life. From managing a multinational company with over twenty million pound turnover, to managing a smaller family run business, I have the breadth of business knowledge that’s needed to help hundreds of small business owners just like you.

Plus, as the Area Director for BNI, Northern Ireland, I’ve been fortunate enough to meet and support hundreds of business owners across the country. During my time at BNI I’ve helped members to make the most of their membership. Building their business through word of mouth marketing and providing training on referral, networking and presentation skills. But it’s not all about work.

I’m very much a family man with strong links to both community and church in my home town of Omagh. I’m also a lifelong learner, reading business and personal development books daily. Combined with my passion for relationship building and seeing others succeed, I created The Business Mindset in the hope to support as many business owners as possible to achieve the success they dream about, and that they wholeheartedly deserve.

Are you a good match for The Business Mindset?

You desire to transform your life as well as grow your business.

You want more business, but you’re also grounded in your family and community.

You’re a person of gratitude and action-orientated.

You’re open and honest along your journey to success.

You’re as committed to the success of other as you are yourself.

You’re ready to achieve more than you ever thought possible.

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Don't hesitate to contact me

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