5 Success Reasons to Engage in a Powerful Mastermind Group

Over these past number of years, in the business world, we have lived in constant change. For many, this has caused many challenges with personnel, financially and personally. Business owners have had to adapt and pivot in many different ways. 

People have had to learn to work from home, adapt to hybrid working and manage remote staff. Hopefully, things are improving and yet we have now been hit by rising costs that affect supplies and the cost of general everyday living. 

In many cases, business owners can find themselves alone to navigate their way through the many challenges of business. They find themselves trying to do everything with all that life throws at them. The danger is that they start to make mistakes, let people down and drive themselves into a state of darkness and disappear. This can also cause extreme pressures at home which causes a breakdown in communication with their spouse and children which results in a breakdown of relationships. In many incidents these relationships are nonrepairable. 

One solution for any business owner is to become part of a Mastermind Group. Jim Rohn talks about becoming the average of the five people you spend the most time with. You should choose your friends and associates wisely. 

It is important to engage in a Mastermind Group for two simple reasons. The first is that others will see your engagement and want to help you in return. The second is that as you help others you will also be learning. After one such Mastermind Group, a member commented that they had learned soo much from what they had advised someone else to do? They realised that they were not doing it themselves. It is so true that things work so well that we stop doing them. With the right people and the right engagement, you can truly have a Powerful Mastermind Group.

Are you looking for some proof regarding joining a Mastermind Group? Check out this video

Here are the 5 Success Reasons to Engage


It is not about networking where people go to sell and to do business. It is more about having a network. This is a group of people who have your interests at their heart. This could be an information or support network. People with knowledge and willingness to share.


Where do you go for support? Who do you ring when you have a business question? These are people who you can bounce ideas off or ask for a second opinion on a marketing campaign. One thing you have in a group is plenty of experience from different industries. You get a different perspective on ideas and issues that you come up against. When we look at a 6, the other person opposite sees it as a 9. It is always good to have a 360-degree view so you can make an informed decision.


With the right network, who is willing to support you, you can brainstorm different ideas. This gives you opportunities to relook at all different aspects of your business. You can rethink what you are doing in staff management, time management, sales, marketing and how you handle finance to name a few.

Goal Setting

One of the greatest things that we all can do is set goals for ourselves. This could be around personal or business areas of our life. The right group of people will challenge you, “why is the goal so small?” They will also be there to cheer you along and celebrate with you as you succeed in life. It is said that only 1% of people have written down their goals and they review them regularly. What goals have you in relation to:

  • Financial
  • Relationship
  • Business
  • Health
  • Contribution
  • Personal
  • Fun Time


One of the greatest success reasons to engage in a powerful master group is accountability. When we go public with a goal it is always easier to achieve when others hold us accountable. We know that many actions and tasks are always completed just before the meeting. We never want to turn up without having completed what we said we would do. 

Life is always better with others. Surround yourself with the right people who will have a positive impact on your life. A network of supportive people who will support, challenge and celebrate with you.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” Helen Keller