Practice Makes Perfect
Practice Makes Perfect
Does Practise make Perfect

Everyone seems to have a saying that they believe in. I am sure you have heard that quality is better than quantity. Is that true? Can we not have quality and quantity? In Christian circles, I have heard it said that someone was so heavenly-minded that they were of no earthly use. I have also heard it said the other way around that they were so earthly-minded they were no heavenly use.


"My favorite books are a constantly changing list, but one favorite has remained constant: the dictionary. Is the word I want to use spelled practice or practise? The dictionary knows. The dictionary also slows down my writing because it is such interesting reading that I am distracted." Beverly Cleary

Finish the following sentence.
Practise makes … 

Many will shout out “Practise makes Perfect”. Is that really true? 

If you are a golfer and you are trying to lower your handicap then you might practise regularly. Practise is putting what you have learned into practice. 

If you are not improving, STOP Practising! It is time to evaluate where you are before you restart again. Get yourself on a training course or get a coach or mentor. 

If you are not improving then your practising is creating permanence which creates a practice. 

What areas of your business do you need to work on?